Designing Tiger products is a global affair that starts with our Italian designers and finishes with Korean dedication to quality.
Tiger is a leading manufacturer of high quality buffet ware and multi-purpose trolleys headquartered in S. Korea with production sites both in Seoul Korea and Tianjin China.

With the 20,000 sqm of factory and show room in Tianjin, Tiger can bring more innovative and value-added products to you. Our 20,000 sqm factory will enable us to continue developing new innovations and value through quality.

Tiger believes that the products that we offer to the customers should be:
• technologically advanced,
• elegantly designed,
• competitively priced.

We use the highest quality materials in the market today. We meet or exceed all European and American food safety standards. Tiger welcomes OEM/ODM as well.

The company motto is “no compromise in quality”. Best hoteliers value our quality.



Tiger made history in the early 1980s when Mr. M. Y. Chang, Chairman of Tiger, founded Daijin Enterprise to manufacture service trolleys in a small workshop in South Korea. As a young man, he saw the growing opportunity in hospitality industry in Korea with Seoul Olympics games held in 1988. Daijin’s modern service trolleys were quickly sought after restaurants and hotels.

Growing from this heritage, Tiger was founded in 1996 and began to export. The synergy of old world craftsmanship from its Mother Company and innovation made Tiger to become an industry leader in just a few short years.

Tiger built a factory in Tianjin China in order to explore the growing Chinese market and to mass-produce products in 2001 and in 10 years it was expanded to 20,000 sqm of factory, warehouse, show room and office.

To ensure that quality is maintained, Mr. Chang-chairman, appointed his son to oversee the manufacturing.

With the opening of a design centre in Italy in 2005, making Tiger products became a truly global affair. Italian designers work with Korean engineers and the projects are realized as products in the newest and modern Chinese production.

Tiger’s vision for the future is to bring value through quality in a larger range of table top product to become a reliable partner for the best hotels worldwide.

Genesis of the new Tiger’s Logo.

The new trademark is made from the product and the “T” of Tiger that recalls the old logo.


Tiger is one of few specialized manufacturers for buffetware and service trolleys in the industry. Our distinction lies in long years’ of  craftmanship ensuring unparalleled elegance and functionality. 

Absolutely. We adhere to or surpass European and American food safety standards, providing you with the utmost confidence in our buffet presentation items. 

Our food service trolleys are a fusion of old-world craftsmanship and innovative design, ensuring not only functionality but also a touch of timeless elegance. 

Tiger has been having R&D department ever since its establishment. R&D department consists of highly qualified engineers and designers. Our R&D department is also certified by ministry of Finance and Economy in Korea. Tiger has international collaboration with renowned designers in Italy for various projects. With a state-of-the-art factory and showroom spanning 20,000 sqm in Tianjin, China and also in Kore,  products are made and tested with  commitment to continuous innovation, bringing you the latest and most value-added products. 

We utilize the highest quality materials available in the market today, ensuring durability, aesthetics, and compliance with the most stringent quality standards. We use Korean POSCO certified 18-10 stainless steel to make sure its superb finishing of all the stainless steel products. 

Mr. M. Y. Chang, our Chairman, appointed his son to oversee manufacturing, ensuring a personal commitment to maintaining the highest standards in every product. Under him, there is a team of QC specialists making sure all the products sold are well tested and inspected before they are leaving the factory.  

To truly globalize our products, we established design center in Italy in 2005 to collaborate with many of talented Italian designers for various projects. Our product making process is truly global because the product is developed in an design studio in Italy, then is engineered in Korea and then manufactured in China.  

Yes, Tiger Hotel welcomes OEM/ODM collaborations, providing you with the opportunity to tailor our high-quality buffet ware and related products to your specific needs. 

Our vision is to extend our legacy of bringing value through quality to a broader range of tabletop products, establishing ourselves as a reliable partner for the world’s best hotels. 

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