Tiger’s exquisite Roll Top Chafing Dishes, are meticulously crafted from solid 18-10 stainless steel, guaranteeing enduring durability and elevating the aesthetics of any event. Our collection includes oblong GN 1/1 chafers and round chafers in two sizes (6 ltrs and 4.5 ltrs), offering unparalleled design flexibility and diverse serving capacities.


Indulge in the timeless elegance of our Euri and Odin collections, featuring classic designs with robust chrome and brass finishes, complemented by matching handles and sturdy legs. For a modern and streamlined look, explore the IBIS and T- collections, intelligently designed to be stackable for effortless storage.


Each Tiger Roll Top Chafer boasts a robust structure, thanks to its 3 mm gauge frames, ensuring unparalleled reliability and strength ideal for commercial use. The innovative lid design opens seamlessly to both 90° and 180° angles, offering versatile serving options, and features an auto-braking system to prevent any unwarranted slamming.


The lid effortlessly rolls back to 90° and halts, enhancing food warmth more efficiently. To extend to 180°, simply push the lid beyond the initial stop.


Experience the convenience of our water control system, a revolutionary feature that recycles condensation from the lid to the water pan, reducing labor costs and simplifying maintenance. The handle remains cool to the touch, safeguarding against burns, and the chafer is fully repairable, ensuring a wise investment that withstands the test of time.


Elevate your culinary presentations with Tiger’s Roll Top Chafing Dishes – a fusion of timeless elegance, cutting-edge functionality, and enduring quality. Choose excellence for your buffet with our remarkable roll-top chafing dish sets.


Unveil culinary excellence with Tiger’s Round Roll Top Chafing Dish Set, a pinnacle of sophistication. Crafted from solid 18-10 stainless steel, this culinary masterpiece promises an unrivaled dining experience. The lid’s dramatic 180° roll top reveals your creations with flair, supported by an auto-braking system for a smooth spectacle.


Effortlessly maintain food warmth, while the water control system reduces labor. The cool-touch handle ensures safety, and the set’s durability guarantees lasting brilliance. Elevate your events with Tiger Hotel’s Round Roll Top Chafing Dish Set – where style meets function in a celebration of culinary artistry.


Our Roll Top Chafing Dishes combine unmatched style with unparalleled functionality. The elegant roll top chafer design not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures easy access to the food, allowing for a seamless dining experience. Plus, they are made from high-quality materials to guarantee durability.

Yes, our Roll Top Chafer are compatible with various fuel types, including gel fuel, ethanol, and traditional chafing fuel cans. This versatility ensures you can use them in any setting without worrying about fuel compatibility. 

We stand behind the quality of our Roll Top Chafing Dishes products. The Tiger offers one year warranty. After one-year, consumable parts can be purchased. Please refer to the product documentation or contact our customer support team for warranty details. 

Ordering is easy! You can purchase our Roll Top Chafing Dish Set through our website or contact our sales team for assistance. We offer secure fast and reliable shipping to ensure you receive your chafing dishes in perfect condition.

Certainly! Tiger offers a range of sizes and finishes to suit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Choose from various sizes to accommodate different quantities of food and select the finish that complements your event’s decor, including Roll Top Chafing Dish Buffet Set, classic stainless steel or elegant PVD-plated options. 

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