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Cereal Dispenser

Elevate your culinary experience with the Tiger Cereal Dispenser, a masterfully designed solution catering to a myriad of dry delights, from nuts, candy, yogurt toppings, and, of course, cereal. Revolutionize your dispensing ritual by effortlessly turning the soft rubber paddle, seamlessly facilitated by a user-friendly handle. Bid farewell to scattered crumbs with the integrated catch tray, ensuring cleanliness and convenience.


Crafted from premium 18-10 stainless steel, the dispenser exudes durability and sophistication. The transparent dispenser cylinders, composed of robust polycarbonate, offer a tantalizing view of the tempting treats within. Embrace simplicity in maintenance with a dishwasher-safe design, complemented by outstanding scratch resistance and a glaze-free promise.


Assemble and disassemble with ease, simplifying cleaning and repairs. The Tiger Cereal Dispenser is more than a mere kitchen accessory; it’s a lasting investment with readily available replacement parts, guaranteeing years of reliable service.


Discover the Odin ranges, featuring a sleek stainless-steel base that sets the stage for the Single Cereal Dispenser, Double Cereal Dispenser, and the innovative swivel-type Triple Cereal Dispenser. Choose the perfect design to complement your kitchen aesthetic.


Step into modern elegance with the T collection version, showcasing a striking black stainless-steel structure with a wood insert, also available with a bronze vintage PVD cup for a touch of sophistication.


Introducing the T collection cubic display, a new frontier in cereal presentations. Its elegant and simple design makes it the preferred choice for boutique hotels and cozy buffet setups. Complete with a stand, wooden lid, and wooden serving spoon, it stands as the icon of modern elegance on the buffet scene.


Transform your dispensing experience with the Tiger Cereal Dispenser Container – where innovation meets indulgence. Whether it’s the Double Cereal Dispenser, Single Cereal Dispenser, or the dynamic Triple Cereal Dispenser, embark on a journey of culinary excellence.

Juice Dispenser

Indulge in beverage perfection with the Tiger Juice Dispenser—an innovation in style and functionality. Featuring a removable stainless steel ice core seamlessly attached to the acrylic jar’s edge, this dispenser combines convenience and durability. The flared interior ridge enhances the jar’s strength, complemented by a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. With available replacement parts, this dispenser is not just a fixture but a 100% repairable investment.


Tiger’s innovative juice dispensers offer options to suit every taste. The classic series showcases high-grade bisphenol-free polycarbonate jars in 3.8 or 7 liters, each featuring a removable stainless steel ice core and reinforced interior ridge. The T collection introduces cubic polycarbonate BPA-free containers in 7 or 15 liters, with optional infusers and a mirror-polished stainless steel lid on a powder-coated stainless steel and wood stand.


For those who appreciate transparency, the single 7-liter juice dispenser with a glass container is a showstopper. Choose between single or double configurations, both presented on a T collection stand in black metal and wood. Elevate your pouring experience further with the Glass Juice Dispenser or the Glass Juice Dispenser with Tap.


Consistency is key with the solid stainless steel faucet featured in all juice dispensers—easy to clean and fully repairable, a true mark of Tiger’s commitment to craftsmanship.


Experience the fusion of style and innovation with the Tiger Juice Dispenser—where each pour is a celebration. Opt for the transparency of the Glass Juice Dispenser or the convenience of the Glass Juice Dispenser with Tap. Tiger, redefining the art of pouring with every drop.

Coffee Urns

Designed your coffee service with Tiger’s stylish and user-friendly tea and coffee urns. Crafted from premium 18/10 stainless steel, these urns are not only durable but also designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. With the optional electric heater, your coffee stays at the perfect temperature without the risk of burning or scorching.


The insulated lid ensures prolonged warmth, while the solid stainless steel faucet guarantees a clean and effortless pour every time. Ideal for breakfast, coffee breaks, or spa environments, Tiger offers a variety of sizes, designs, and finishes to suit any setting.


Explore the classic and elegant Euri and Odin ranges, available in 12 and 19-litre sizes with solid legs. Alternatively, embrace the modern simplicity of the T collection, Natural, and Domino ranges, perfect for contemporary spaces.


Tiger’s coffee urns dispensers are not just a smart investment; they’re the best choice for serving hot beverages to guests or customers. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best. Choose Tiger for exceptional quality, style, and the ultimate coffee urn experience.

Choose Tiger Hotel: the buffetware specialists for hotels and restaurants.


Our Urns and Dispensers are meticulously designed for both style and functionality. They combine sleek aesthetics with industry-approved durability, ensuring a seamless beverage service experience that’s as impressive as it is efficient.

Our Cereal Dispenser redefines breakfast convenience. It’s engineered with precision to ensure portion control and freshness, making your cereal experience both delightful and mess-free.

Refilling is a breeze! Our cereal container dispenser features a hassle-free, top-loading design. Pouring cereal is mess-free, ensuring that your mornings start off on the right foot.

Absolutely versatile! While it’s perfect for hotels and restaurants, the Triple Cereal Dispenser is also an excellent addition to any home kitchen that is seeking professional equipment or needs a big-capacity dispenser. Its sleek, modern design and ease of use make every breakfast cereal dispenser an elegant and delightful experience.

No. This glass juice dispenser is crafted with tempered glass and a robust spigot, making it suitable for serving refreshing chilled juices and beveragesWe recommend our coffee urns with either a stereo or electric heater for warm beverages such as hot tea or coffee.

Our Coffee Urn Dispenser is made with its stylish and timeless design and functionality. It’s crafted to redefine your coffee service experience with convenience and efficiency.

No. Tiger offers the signature stainless steel faucet which is standard throughout all the ranges of beverage dispensers. This standard faucet was tested and designed for the proper pouring q’ty that our industry needsWhether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand event, Tiger dispensers can meet all your needs by offering various capacities and designs of Dispensers.

Absolutely Yes! Whether you’re a cozy boutique hotel or a sprawling resort, our hotel cereal dispenser comes in various sizes and designs to accommodate hotels of all sizes, ensuring that every guest can enjoy the same luxurious breakfast experience.

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