Tiger’s new hollow ware and small ware are exclusively born from craftsmanship of Italian design master Giuliano Malimpensa. He has been designing and manufacturing Interior objects and retail items for over 40 years and has won worldwide recognition for his unique work. The synergy between his design experience and Tiger’s diligent manufacturing has created practical professional products with a touch of elegance and class.

Tiger guarantees the premium quality with selection of high quality material and its products comply with the strictest European and American standards.

Tiger Buffet Presentation Collection offers a comprehensive range of buffet risers, fruit stands, pastry stands, petit fours stands, muffin stands, and accessories that are perfect for setting up a functional yet sophisticated buffet. The T Collection, in particular, consists of a set of risers that come in Gn1/1, Gn1/2, and GN2/4 sizes, with three different height options to choose from. These risers can be equipped with Gn pans or Tiger wooden boxes that are finished in an exquisite ash wood finish. Additionally, tilted risers are also available, providing versatility in presentation options. The finish of the risers can be black powder-coated or bronze PVD, depending on your preference.

Tiger wooden boxes are ideal for displaying baked goods such as bread, croissants, Danish pastries, and other bakery products. Moreover, the T Collection wooden boxes can also come with refrigerating pads, which make them suitable for presenting cheese, cold cuts, yogurt, and fruits.

To ensure maximum hygiene, elegant dome covers are available for use with the buffet stands.

For those looking for the latest in buffet presentation, the Natural Collection is a must-see. The fruit crate-like stands are not only elegant but also sturdy, providing the perfect platform for showcasing your culinary creations. The range features hot and cold displays, carving stations, hot and cold milk dispensers, coffee dispensers, and condiment dispensers.

In summary, Tiger Buffet Presentation Collection offers a vast array of buffet presentation options that cater to the needs of professional caterers and those looking to entertain guests at home. With its exceptional quality and design, the collection is the perfect choice for creating a memorable buffet experience.

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