Durable with touch of elegance, All of our trolleys and carts are crafted to ensure that they can withstand the daily use and abuse associated with the foodservice industry. 

Tiger, a reputable trolley manufacturer, boasts a rich tradition of producing high-quality trolleys since 1981. Being one of the first manufacturers in this sector in South Korea, Tiger has garnered a wealth of experience and technical expertise to offer top-notch trolleys to meet the needs of various industries.

Tiger’s trolley range comprises of a wide selection of practical and solid trolleys that exude elegance without compromising on functionality. The trolleys come in different categories, including room service trolleys, F&B trolleys, mobile food stations, and banquet bars. Each trolley is customizable in colors, materials, and finish options to suit different preferences.

The room service trolleys are foldable, which saves on storage space. Additionally, they come equipped with hot boxes that ensure that food is served at the right temperature. The trolley construction is sturdy, featuring a stainless steel structure and melamine coated plywood top with reinforced urethane foam edges to withstand frequent use.

On the other hand, the F&B trolley range comprises a vast selection of gueridon and service trolleys with both classic and modern designs. These trolleys come with one or two shelves, with or without serving drawers. Additionally, Tiger offers cheese and dessert trolleys, including the iconic roast beef trolley with its elegant and classic dome cover.

To meet the needs of modern catering, Tiger has developed a series of mobile food stations that can be customized in size, finish, and color. These stations range from omelette stations, salad stations, carving stations to bar stations. One of Tiger’s popular mobile food stations is the ECO trolley, which has an interchangeable top that can act as a salad bar, hot station, or carving station. It can be battery-powered for maximum versatility.

In summary, Tiger trolleys are of the highest quality, built to last, and designed with functionality and elegance in mind. They offer a wide range of customization options and cater to various industries, making them a perfect fit for different businesses.

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