Tiger distinguishes itself through a global approach, combining Italian design expertise and Korean dedication to quality, resulting in innovative and value-added products.

Tiger has a 20,000 sqm factory in Tianjin, equipped to develop new innovations and maintain quality through the use of highest quality materials and adherence to European and American food safety standards. 


Tiger offers a wide range of cereal dispensers, including single, double, triple, and container type of cereal dispensers, providing options to meet different capacity and serving needs. 

A double cereal dispenser has two separate compartments, allowing you to dispense two different types of cereals or other dry goods simultaneously, providing more variety and convenience. 

Our cereal dispenser combines technological advancement with elegant design, providing convenient portion control and freshness preservation. 

With a triple cereal dispenser, you can offer a greater variety of cereals or dry goods, perfect for larger buffet setups or establishments that cater to diverse preferences. Triple cereal dispenser saves the space with its swivel stand.

Yes, Tiger’s cereal dispensers are suitable for HORECA professional  use, offering a practical and stylish solution for breakfast service, enhancing the overall guest experience. 

Tiger’s cereal dispenser is made with high quality stainless steel and polycarbonate and  combines a various capacity with user-friendly features such as portion control mechanisms and airtight seals, ensuring freshness and ease of use. 


Induction chafing dishes are specially designed chafing dishes that are compatible with induction cooktops, utilizing magnetic fields for efficient and controlled heating. 

Tiger’s induction chafing dishes combine innovative design, superior craftsmanship, and compatibility with induction cooktops, providing a reliable and convenient solution for buffet service. Last but not least, its cladded  bottom allows superb responsiveness with any induction hob available in the market.  

Tiger’s induction chafing dish buffet set includes the induction chafing dish itself along with accompanying accessories such as food pans, water pans, and lids, offering a complete setup for efficient and elegant food presentation.

Yes, Tiger’s chafing dishes are specifically designed for use with induction cookers, ensuring optimal heat distribution and temperature control for food items. 

Chafing dishes for induction provide efficient and even heating, faster heat-up times, precise temperature control, and enhanced safety compared to sterno heated traditional chafing dishes. 


Roll top chafing dishes are a type of chafing dish with a hinged cover that rolls open and closes smoothly, providing convenient access to food while maintaining heat and presentation. 

Tiger’s roll top chafer offers a combination of elegant design, competitive pricing, and technologically advanced features, providing efficient and stylish buffet service. 

Tiger’s roll top chafing dishes are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, combining elegant design, durable construction, and functional features, ensuring a premium buffet experience.

Yes, Tiger offers round roll top chafing dishes, providing a visually appealing alternative to traditional rectangular designs, and adding versatility to buffet setups.

Tiger’s roll top chafing dish set includes the chafing dish, a food pan, a water pan, and a fuel holder, offering a complete package for efficient and stylish food presentation. 

Roll top chafing dishes allow for easy access to food without the need to remove the entire lid, reducing heat loss and maintaining the optimal serving temperature during buffet service.


Hollow ware refers to a category of serving and decorative pieces made from silver, silver plated stainless steel, or stainless steel, typically used in fine dining and hospitality settings. 

Tiger’s silver hollow ware showcases exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a blend of traditional elegance with contemporary design, elevating any table setting or event. 

Tiger’s hollow ware adds a touch of sophistication and refinement to dining experiences, elevating the presentation of food and beverages and creating a memorable ambiance for guests. 


A heated carving station is a specialized equipment designed to keep freshly carved meats warm and at the optimal serving temperature, enhancing the presentation and flavor of the dish. 

Tiger’s carving station heat lamp creates an aesthetically pleasing and warm environment, ensuring optimal food presentation for freshly carved dishes. 

Tiger’s carving station lamp combines functionality and aesthetics, providing a focused and adjustable heat source to illuminate and keep the carved meat warm, ensuring an impressive display and enjoyable dining experience. 

Yes, Tiger’s heat lamp station is versatile and can be used for various food items, such as keeping appetizers, desserts, or other dishes warm during buffet service, enhancing the overall dining experience. 

Tiger’s carving station heat lamp offers  even heat distribution, adjustable settings, and stylish design, making it an essential tool for professional carving stations.

Absolutely, Tiger’s carving stations and heating lamps are designed for commercial applications, providing reliable performance, durability, and efficiency in high-demand environments such as hotels, restaurants, and catering services. 

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