Milan, Italy – In a groundbreaking move, Tiger, a leading manufacturer of buffetware and multi-purpose trolleys, seized the spotlight at Host Milano 2023 by deviating from the traditional exhibition hall setup. Choosing a unique strategy, this year, instead of the standard exhibition hall, Tiger opted to showcase their products in the refined setting of one of the meeting rooms at the NH Hotel, just across from the main exhibition hall.


This shift away from convention is not merely a change of venue; it’s a strategic move aimed at addressing challenges inherent in traditional setups and providing an intimate and relaxed backdrop for fostering genuine connections.


Challenging the Norms: Rethinking Exhibition Strategies

While undeniably valuable, traditional exhibition spaces often come with hefty price tags. The pressure to secure larger booths can be overwhelming. The hierarchical prioritization of mega-sized exhibitors further exacerbates the challenge, making smaller booths appear negligible.


Tiger chose to stand up against the prevailing inequality by renting a meeting room at the NH Hotel, right across from the exhibition hall, instead of opting for a large booth. This decision was a conscious and ethical choice to challenge the inherent bias often shown toward bigger exhibitors. We wanted to create a fair and inclusive environment that treated all exhibitors equally, no matter their size.


An Exclusive Experience Amidst Innovation

Opting for the NH Hotel as the venue allowed guests a refreshing break from conventional trade show norms. During designated opening hours, Tiger treated their guests to drinks and finger food, offering a comfortable setting to explore the company’s latest offerings and engage in meaningful discussions.


Aperitif Nights: Fostering Networking and Collaboration

Taking networking to new heights, Tiger organized two nights of aperitifs on the 14th and 15th of October. Attended by approximately 20 industry professionals each night, these exclusive events provided a relaxed atmosphere for networking and relationship-building. The intimate setting of the meeting room facilitated genuine conversations, prioritizing meaningful interactions over sheer foot traffic and resulting in a resounding success.




Overall, the aperitif nights were a tremendous success, not only in terms of attendance but also in fostering a sense of community within the industry. Tiger took this chance to express gratitude to their existing partners and peers while forging new connections.


Showcasing Innovation: The Natural, Polar Heat System, and Eco Trolley

Amidst the inviting atmosphere of the NH Hotel, Tiger showcased its new and innovative products, including The Natural Series, Polar Heat System, and Eco Trolley.


The Natural Series, with its seamlessly integrated design and eco-friendly features, emerged as a showstopper, aligning perfectly with global sustainability trends. The cutting-edge technology of the Polar Heat System and the versatile design of the Eco Trolley garnered accolades for their ingenuity and functionality.



All the showcased products garnered significant attention and appreciation from visitors, reflecting Tiger’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends.


Global Presence and Positive Reception

Tiger’s key customers from different regions, including Mexico, Japan, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, India, and Canada, visited the showcase. Their positive feedback and valuable connections made during the aperitif nights set the stage for Tiger’s continued growth and collaboration in the dynamic world of buffetware and multi-purpose trolleys.


In an industry where innovation is paramount, Tiger demonstrated the capability to produce cutting-edge, high-end products and the ingenuity to rethink how to engage with its audience in dynamic and unexpected ways.


Tiger expressed their gratitude for the ongoing support from existing partners and peers as they continue to push boundaries, redefine expectations, and lead toward a future of unparalleled innovation.


About the Event:

Host Milano 2023 is one of the world’s most prestigious hospitality exhibitions for the HoReCa and food service industry. Held at the Fiera Milano exhibition and trade center in Milan, Italy, from October 13 to 17, 2023. It serves as global hub of innovation and meeting point for those in the hospitality, restaurant, and food service sectors.


The 43rd edition offered insights into the latest global innovations in technology and product development, setting the tone for the future of the food service and hospitality industry. Host Milano 2023 takes place every two years, providing a comprehensive showcase of raw materials, semi-finished products, equipment, furnishings, and tableware while focusing on ongoing and upcoming trends, technologies, and innovation.


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